You arrived on my blog. I am Niels Vlaar. I use this blog for posting personal and technical blog posts and as a playground for website development. I work as an IT Consultant and my specialty is the design of web applications with Microsoft SharePoint. See About for more information about me. Below you will find my latest personal and technical blog posts.

Golf on Tenerife

At the end of December 2011, Me and my girlfriend went for vacation to Tenerife. On the largest canary island we went for some golfing, relaxing and some sightseeing to see El Teide and to see some dolphins and whales. You can see which golf courses we played in the following blog post.


Golf in Turkey

At the end of February I went for the fourth time to Turkey for a golf vacation. At the south coast line of the Mediterranean sea, between Antalya and Manavgat there is a small town named Belek. In the last 10 to 15 years several new golf courses are built near the village. Nowadays Belek is a great destination for your golf vacation with up to 15 different courses.


Socializing my website

Nowadays everyone is a member of one or more social networks. As a company you can use the social networks to reach your customers. There are several ways of integrating the social networks in your site. There are simple "html goodies" that can be integrated in your site.


MS Dynamics webservices

Recently Microsoft Dynamics 4.0 is deployed in our organisation. We still have a Lotus Notes application with organisation and contacts documents. We would like to have an option in the Lotus Notes application to copy the contact to Dynamics CRM. Our Microsoft develloper created a few webservices to make this possible.


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